Helping businesses in Hawaii grow with social media.


Our team is comprised of experienced digital marketers, content creators, and copy writers to offer your business a one-stop shop for all of your social media marketing needs. Our goal is to give small and medium businesses in Hawaii the opportunity to be heard across multiple social platforms.


More than just a social media company.


TrendUP’s goal is to help your brand tell its story in Hawaii and beyond. By humanizing your brand and connecting with your audience, we will help you build a loyal online community to share your message. We help your business reach a variety of goals - whether that’s increasing sales, acquiring new customers, growing your social media presence, or generating awareness about a product or service, we’ve got you covered.

We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.



Social Media Management

it’s a marathon, not a sprint

Online communities aren’t built in a day. Creating an authentic, organic following with real fans takes time, strategy & precision. Our mission is to replicate an appropriate voice and message for your brand on a daily basis in order to build a community that will interact with you online. TrendUP will create buzz by posting engaging content, sparking conversations, connecting with social influencers, and assisting with contest creation. We manage and monitor your social profiles during business hours, and beyond, to ensure your image and brand are being cared for.


Social Advertising

affordable and effective

This isn’t a guessing game. Social advertising is hyper-targeted to a specific audience that resembles your customers. The ultimate goal is to convert people into actual customers by using awareness campaigns and promotions. Each piece of content we post provides insights into who your audience is and what they want to see. By identifying your audience, we are able to build creative campaigns and advertisements that drive real business at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional advertising. It’s virtually impossible to track ROI with traditional advertising, but that’s not the case with digital marketing.



data you can use

Social media analytics allow us to understand your audience, help create better content, understand competitors, create a strong strategy and measure performance. By using a third party analytic software, we measure follower growth, engagement ratios, impressions, reach and more, which are essential for understanding your campaign results. Every time you post on social media, social data is generated. Data created by consumers or customers in the form of comments, likes, shares, retweets, etc. This data will help steer your social media marketing campaigns to big wins.


Content Creation

humanize your brand

Compelling content is the center piece of your social media presence, and is an integral part of building trust as well as establishing credibility with your followers. High quality photos and videos will generate more likes, shares and comments, and will make all the difference when your goal is to generate conversions. Quality content enables you to take your social media conversations deeper, which helps you establish a better connection with your online community. TrendUP will assist with creative brainstorm sessions to produce content that will align with your current goal.


Reputation Management

your responses matter

Take control of the conversation around your brand with our all-in-one reputation management service. So much of your online reputation is dependent on your online review strategy. We monitor review sites such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google+, Facebook and beyond to ensure nothing is missed. With built-in artificial intelligence analyzing all review text, we can report how your customers feel about certain topics and keywords with a click of a button. We relentlessly monitor and update your listings, and we’ll also help you outrank the competition with local SEO tools built to help you gain the local online visibility your brand deserves. 


Influencer Marketing

sell without selling

Social media influencers are power users who can help potential customers make a buying decision. Whether they’re a blogger, product reviewer, industry expert or a trusted source of information, your social media influencers should be unique to your field. Word of mouth marketing is still very powerful, but people are heavily influenced by other people’s opinions. Sometimes you’re better off having an influencer share their experience or highlight a service, rather than telling the consumer yourself. TrendUP will identify influencers and assist with creating collaborations best suited for your business.